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We are the best solar energy and home automation solutions provider in Cameroon

Electram Engineering provides you with sustainable solutions that are viable. With a mixture of quality and efficiency, our team and our partners are at your beck and call.

Our experiences in the fields of renewable energy and information technology has led us in developing smart renewable energy solutions and an unbeatable cost

Best Solar Energy Solutions

With over 5 years experience and a hundred of satisfied clients, we are simply the leader in solar energy solutions in Cameroon

Reliability & Performance

You can trust all our systems to pull through the toughest situations and keep service up at all times.

Features We Have Which Enhance Us

Building & Maintaining The Energy

Our professionalism in providing industry standard solutions is unmatched. While other barely mention warranty, we implement it effectively. 


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Reliability & performance


Solar Material Financing


Installed Capacity

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We Provide The Best Price For you

Your best local installer of photovoltaic systems

We Are Ready For Solar Energy All We Need Is To Use It Well

We work with the best manufacturers in the solar power industry to provide you with cutting edge solutions at very minimal cost. Get a quote from us today and start planning your transition to solar energy.