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Mr Peter, a hardworking plantation owner in the higher plains of the west region had been defeated by prolonged drought one too many times! He had drilled a bore hole and installed a submersible water pump. With no electricity in the remote plains were his plantation is located, he resorted to a diesel generator as primary source of energy to power the pump.

Now we all know the issues that arise with a diesel generator. The noise pollution aside, the air pollution was very harmful for his crops. An don’t get us started on the cost of running a diesel generator powerful enough to start a 3KVA submersible pump! The cost was astronomical and by his best deductions, impossible as a long term plan. He need a solution, one that actually works.

He reached out to our team around mid October 2018. His needs were clear, he needed to run is pump, day and night on solar. He needed a system that will permit him to do counter-season planting with a hole in his budget.

Our team was immediately deployed on site and we got an evaluation ready as soon as possible. It didn’t take much to convince Mr Peter, he saw the clear gain in going full solar. He immediately approved the initial plans and budget and we got to work two weeks later. By mid November of the same year, Mr Peter was happily watering his plants with the power of the sun thanks to Electram Engineering.

Fast forward to December 2020, Mr Peter, being immensely satisfied with the system we had installed, request and upgrade. He was currently running a 7.5KVA system and we doubled the capacity, leaving him at 15KVA. This increased capacity was due to the extra gains he made from going full solar, thus leading him to expand his vegetable fields.

At Electram, we pride ourselves with making the life of people like Mr Peter better.



325W Mono PV modules

Yearly Output

4,745 kWh


15KVA Coupled PSW


2 Years

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